Ever Ready

Ever Ready

Two close friends in their thirties help each other find love as they navigate the awkwardly hilarious line between friends and dating.

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Ever Ready
  • EVERREADY | E1 "Chapter 1: Mixed Signals"

    Kelly tries to decode the signs from her embarrassingly confusing date while Matt gives her an unexpected sign of his own.


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  • EVERREADY | E2 "Chapter 2: Double Booked"

    Matt struggles to write his next book, has a train wreck of a date and get’s a surprise from Kelly.

  • EVERREADY | E3 "Chapter 3: It’s Just Coffee"

    Matt and Kelly admit secrets from their past and struggle to define their relationship to a whimsical older couple.

  • EVERREADY | E4 "Chapter 4: Fortunes"

    Matt and Kelly go on a date that’s not a date and their relationship is further complicated by a snarky restaurant host, a mysterious fortune cookie and Julia Roberts.

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  • EVERREADY | E5 “Chapter 5: Bubbles”

    Kelly tries to shake bizarre signs as Matt receives an important life lesson but is it too late?