Faithful - Camp Meeting 2018

Faithful - Camp Meeting 2018

Faithful - Camp Meeting 2018
  • Faithful | Jean

    A compassionate and dedicated woman volunteers over five decades of service teaching and inspiring new generations of parents and children.

  • Faithful | Max

    Inspired by another, a generous young boy dares to make the bold move of looking beyond himself on his birthday to help children stuck in the hospital.

  • Faithful | Tad

    A talented young musician walks away from a promising career to go back to school for nursing and search out questions he had about life, faith and priorities which put him on a new path beyond what he could ever dream.

  • Faithful | Shani

    A Christian singer holds to peace and hope when out of the blue her liver fails from an unknown cause, only to alert doctors to something more immediately dangerous and life threatening.

  • Faithful | Donna

    On the brink of suicide a mother cries out in anger to God when she suffers through an unimaginable, horrific nightmare only to have God answer and surprise her with the strength to carry on.