Conversation starters for a behind the scenes look at the lives and experiences of those in ministry.

  • My Friend Siri

    A single, female pastor seeks motivation to press on as the universe constantly reminds her how lonely she is.

  • The Great Controversy

    A hip, youth pastor tries to bring the tastes of a new generation up against a strong traditional one of the senior pastor before the church board votes.

  • Pastor's Wife

    A determined female pastor seeks her oblivious husband’s support in her battle with the traditional senior pastor on gender roles.

  • Womens Group

    A pastor’s wife yearns for connection and help while bombarded with assumptions of the perfect life expected of her.

  • No Phone Zone

    A juvenile husband and productive wife fight their phone addictions to clear time to connect with each other.

  • Technically Speaking

    A concerned father and pastor confronts his quick thinking daughter about technology addiction only to get served a taste of his own medicine.

  • Secrets

    A sneaky pastor attempts to hide secrets as his snarky wife challenges him to practice what he preaches.

  • Going Solo

    After reconnecting with an old friend a young pastor opens up about the challenges of being a single woman in ministry.

  • Are You My Mother?

    A youth pastor tries to ward off a concerned, motherly figure that reminds him things he’s lacking in life, such as being single.

  • Bedtime Stories

    Two pastors married to each other try to juggle their ministries and their parenting.