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Sabbath School Replay - 10-13-18

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Sabbath School

Sabbath School Replay - 10-6-18

1h 2m

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  • Sabbath School Replay - 10-13-18

    Congregational Singing: Lily Diehl, Homer Mendoza | Opening Hymn: Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus. No. 290 | Prayer, Welcome, and Introductions: Hans and Lily Diehl | Special Feature: Turn Around in Ethiopia by Larry Thomas | Prayer for the Offering: Larry Thomas |
    Offering: Sabbath School Expense | O...

  • Sabbath School Replay - 10-20-18

    Congregational Singing: Lesly Ferguson Jr. | Opening Hymn: Because He Lives No. 526 by Sue Yingling | Prayer, Welcome, and Introductions: Varlet Philippe | Musical Selection: Grace (Nicevarlyn Philippe) by Laura Story | Mission Spotlight: "The School I'd Never Leave" | Prayer for the Offering: Va...

  • Sabbath School Replay - 10-27-18

    Congregational Singing: Marina Williams | Opening Hymn: Just When I Need Him Most No. 512 | Prayer, Welcome, and Introductions: Lolita Campbell | Musical Selection: Jericho (Scott Campbell, alto sax) arr. Paul Yoder |Special Feature: How the Holy Spirit Leads by Beecher Lafever | Prayer for the O...